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Project Recovery: Mothers, Children, Families

June 29, 2010

Housed within CADA is our Perinatal Program. This program is essentially a resource where new or expecting mothers who are struggling with addiction can come and feel supported by other individuals with similar experiences. The goal is to promote stronger, healthier parenting skills, while also focusing on how to promote self-confidence and self-esteem, and establishing safety in the home. The therapeutic group setting is a non-biased trusting environment where the topics of addiction, sobriety, and recovery are addressed as they relate to parenthood.

To read a personal story that Amy Rice, the Perinatal Program Manager, shared click below…

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Mentor Program: May Mentor of the Month (better late than never!)

June 20, 2010

We would like to congratulate Tony Lee for the month of May. Tony’s mentee was referred for both academic and personal problems. He lacked an adult male in his life after whom he could model himself. He struggled to find positive ways to show and release emotional stress and anger.

These past two years have shown Tony how much of a difference he can make in the life of a child. His mentee has matured and formed a belief in himself and his future abilities. He strives to do well and has found a voice with which he can use to express himself. More recently, his mentee won an essay contest that allowed him to meet the Santa Barbara Chief of Police. Tony has encouraged his mentee’s strengths and supported him every step of the way; his mentee is now ready to take the next step and progress into Junior High.

There are so many indescribable ways in which Tony has helped his mentee become the growing young man he is today, and we wish that we could share them all with you. Just know that he constantly strives to show his mentee that he can have a brighter future and for that, Tony, we greatly thank you!!

SAVE: June Frontline Employee Newsletter

June 11, 2010

The June newsletter from the Save A Valuable Employee (SAVE) Program. Info on teen risk taking, planting a summer stress garden, handling criticism, and more…

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Teen Court: Bowling to Win for Our Youth

June 2, 2010

On Saturday, May 22nd the SB Legal Secretaries in conjunction with the SB Women Lawyers and the SB Paralegal Association hosted its 3rd Annual Law Bowl.  The proceeds directly benefited Santa Barbara Teen Court, one of our Fighting Back programs.  Teen Court youth, judges, volunteers, and community members gathered together at Zodo’s Bowling and Beyond for a fun-filled event that included bowling, raffle prizes, and a silent auction.  John Palminteri, the celebrity guest, did a wonderful job as the Master of Ceremonies and kept the spirit and excitement of Law Bowl going throughout the event.

Bowling lanes were sponsored by law firms and organizations from the community that either created their own team or sponsored a youth team. The winning team, the Lickety Splits from SB Probation, was awarded the Palminteri Award for Highest Score. The Goleta Boys and Girls Club, whose lane was sponsored by the SB Paralegal Association, received the highest score for a youth team. The 3rd Annual Law Bowl was highly successful and we look forward to next year’s event!

For more pictures follow the link

Project Recovery: More Than Just Treatment

May 28, 2010

One of the programs that is housed within Project Recovery here at CADA is our Co-Occuring Disorder Outpatient Program. An integrated approach is used in this program to treat substance use and psychiatric disorders in an outpatient setting. Individuals with co-occuring disorders need a greater level of treatment, care, and consideration and it is through this program that we strive to address the situation. A customized approach to assessment, treatment and discharge planning is the strength of this program as each person we serve presents with different issues and needs. As part of this program those we serve attend individual and group counseling, participate in our acupuncture services, and go through drug testing. An evidence based curricula is incorporated into each individual treatment plan. It is through all of the above that we are able to reach out to those with co-occuring disorders and help them back to a life of stability.

For more information on this program you can contact Susan Marta, or (805) 564-6057

Friday Night Live: A Positive Influence

May 24, 2010

The Friday Night Live Mentoring program pairs high school students with junior high students for weekly mentoring sessions. The program provides opportunities for young people to be in ongoing, mutually beneficial, caring relationships which strengthen a young person’s resiliency to the challenges they face in life. Mentoring sessions are youth-led and utilize an evidenced-based curriculum promoting a drug and alcohol free life-style.

We just finished our last mentoring sessions in early May. Here are a few quotes from some of the junior high and high school participants:

“I am so excited for high school next year, it looks so cool”
-Goleta Valley Junior High student

“My mentor told me she is going to help me find all my classes next year!”
-Goleta Valley Junior High student

“I’m going to miss hanging out with everyone after school like we always did on Wednesdays”
-Goleta Valley Junior High student

“Thank you so much for this great opportunity to – I met a lot of cool people and had lots of fun”
-San Marcos student

“I’m sad that it’s over and I won’t be seeing everyone anymore”
-La Colina student

As the youth take off for summer break we are looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities for the next school year!

Teen Court: Spring Newsletter

May 19, 2010

Check out our Spring newsletter from Teen Court. Includes an article on the upcoming Law Bowl, various Juvenile Justice presentations, and more!

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